Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Breakdown: Stackable Killstreaks?

The Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer teaser has been released and along side many breakdowns and analysis, here is what we have found out looking at the teaser with a lot of attention to detail.

First of all the game tipe: it looks like they are playing Free for All because if you look at the radar on the upper left corner there are no teammattes on it. Also he has 650 point at the beginning of the clip wich turns to 700 when he kills fourzerotwo so its FFA.

Another interesting thing is that the Point Streak Juggernaut its a 14 point streak and if you do the math 700 points equals to 14 kills, so he won 1 point streak for every kill he got, but that may be different on other game tipes like Dom or CTF where the main objective its not to get kills.

Stackable Killstreaks?

If you look at the Point Streaks the player has already earned you can see he has a Predator and under there's a device that looks a lot like the device that just killed fourzerotwo, so its a killstreak. Now look at the Point Streak Bar, you can see that he has 13 slots covered and he is missing one to his 14 Point Streak. He gets his 14th kill with his first Killstreak and that gets him to his Juggernaut witch means Stackable Killstreaks are back.

Another interesting Detail you may haven't seen its that when he gets to his 14th Point Streak, his bar its set back to four slots, which means killstreaks reset on the same life and you dont have to die to get your killstreaks again.

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