Saturday, July 23, 2011

Confirmed Modern Warfare 3 Information: Multiplayer & Spec Ops

From all the interviews and tweets from Robert Bowling we manage to get you the most concrete and important reveals of the Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer & Spec Ops. Here you have a list of all the confirmed information:

Confirmed Information on Spec Ops:

  • 2 Player Online Co-op
  • Solo Mode
  • Offline Split-Screen
  • Online Matchmaking
  • Leaderboards
  • Progressive Ranking
  • In-Game Currency
  • Traditional Mission Mode from MW2 to return
  • New wave based Survival Mode
  • Killstreaks & Unlocks

Confirmed Information on the Multiplayer:

  • Call of Duty Elite will be Built into the core Gameplay
  • Security is a top priority for Infinity Ward
  • Post-Launch updates are a priority for Infinity Ward
  • MW3 will build up from CoD4 and polish every aspect from MW2 (gameplay-wise)
  • MW3 will focus on gun-on-gun fights, and less on air support
  • There is no Stopping Power, Danger Close, Juggernaut, One Man Army, Commando, Last Stand or Tactical Nuke
  • Quick Scoping will be in MW3
  • The MW3 unlock system will be “unique” and will not use currency
  • The killstreak system has been re-vamped
  • Confirmed maps: Dome
  • Weapon base damage will be increased to compensate the lack of Stopping Power perk
  • Theatre Mode making a comeback
  • XP, Match Bonuses, Challenges, etc will be tweaked to enhance objective modes
 The biggest announcements are yet to come in the Call of Duty XP Event.

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