Friday, July 8, 2011

Spec Ops Survival Mode Q&A

We’ve got the first look at the Spec Ops mode recently on Jimmy Fallon’s show. Robert Bowling, the creative strategist for Infinity Ward posted a tweet teasing a picture for the upcoming trailer for Modern Warfare 3′s Survival Mode within Spec Ops. Robert Bowling also responded to some questions via his tweeted picture.

The first question was from AL3XJC “What gun is that?” Robert answered that the gun that’s being used is the Remington ACR, not to be confused with the regular ACR from MW2. Another familiar feature from MW2 is the HUD, upon answering a question from Jarsh019 Robert said that the HUD may change up until launch. He added that the HUD may be different across Single Player, Spec Ops, and Multiplayer.

And so, as you can see, there’s some sort of barracks that you go to – Mr. Bowling said in response to Nelson2030 that you can buy upgrades. On top of that, a user named ThemanJordo thought that COD Points was displayed. Robert quelled that notion, saying that the points that he refers to is currency for Spec Ops, where you can buy killstreaks, gear, weapons, and upgrades. This means that Infinity Ward is upping the ante when it comes to survival modes. It may revolutionize the way we look at survival modes. As it stands, survival modes such as World at War’s zombie mode, and Black Ops’ zombie mode – they all only allowed you to advance through doors, and levels. They only allowed you to buy weapons and pick up a special random weapon. It seems like Infinity Ward is trying to do something different from the other survival modes out on the market. In MW2, you could use killstreaks, but only within limitations. This means you can actually buy killstreaks and use it when YOU want to. It’s up in the air whether you can stack the killstreaks or not.

Stay tuned for the official trailer, there is no ETA according to Robert, but he’ll flash a tweet. My guess is soon, otherwise he wouldn’t be posting the teaser photo of the trailer at this point. Usually its the very next week that we get the trailer, it happened with MW2′s multiplayer reveal. ‘Till then, waiting commences.


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