Friday, July 8, 2011

Modern Warfare 3's Tweaks and Improvements: Will They Be Enough?

Call of Duty has suffered from one of the worst stigmas in gaming for releasing year after year slightly upgraded versions of itself to the mass public and gamers. But things look to be on the mend as new Modern Warfare 3features surface and we see a re-envisioned game taking form slowly but surely.

From the recently revealed information it's clear that the teams working on the game If we don't take a look at these improvements for ourselves before judging the potential outcome of this game, we are no better than those who would bash innovation.

Players have loved the Zombies mode of World At War and Black Ops brought this back to the table. In Modern Warfare 3 there will be a Survival Mode as well. This may be seen as a cheap copy and paste of Zombies Mode but then again it could be an entirely new experience altogether. The return of Quick-scoping is seen as a double-edged sword for Activision's massively popular FPS game as they have large segments of fans both for and against the feature.

Some of the more "annoying" gameplay mechanics which were seen as innovations for Modern Warfare 2 are now being disowned for the third installment. Among the fallen include the tactical nuke kill-streak, the last stand perk, The Commando Perk, and more. New features introduced include the ability to use two scopes at once, and a re-invented kill-streak system. Among these features we have also been promised post-release support similar to past experiences with Modern Warfare 1 & 2, Black Ops, and other Call of Duty games. This time we can be assured that the Call of Duty Elite service will propel such support forward.

In the end we should be happy as gamers to see the attitudes of the high-ranking Call of Duty development teams becoming more genuine and focused on change in their series. Whether or not their fans will resonate to their design decisions remains to be seen. One thing that is surely on the minds of potential customers for Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty Elite is the question of basic net-code and hit-detection issues that have remained unfixed standards in the COD series as well as many other online multiplayer shooters this generation.


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