Sunday, June 5, 2011

Call of Duty: Elite First Details and Video

Jamie Berger, VP of Digital at Activision wants you t to know that, "There’s been a lot of speculation and we’ll continue to say this: We do not and will not charge for multiplayer.”  This was also confirmed last night from Robert Bowling @fourzerotwo when he tweeted, “COD ELITE is free, for all players, some paid aspects TBD. Absolutely NO fee to play #MW3 multiplayer. Detailed reveal coming tomorrow AM.”.  This after the WSJ posted the first news of the COD Elite package and left players a bit enraged.

Jamie Berger’s went on to say that, “When it launches in the fall, Elite is going to offer a premium membership.”

This means you won’t need to pat to play COD:MW3 online but if your still unclear what Elite means then we can sum it up for you.

Career Mode

Elite is an online web service that ties into Call of Duty games, and it all started with Call of Duty: Black Op’s.  Xbox players that are familiar with Halo’s functionality already have a toehold in what Activision is trying to do. It is a giant stat tracking, video sharing service that will analyze almost anything you can think of.  Recent matches, custom classes, personal best, leaderboards, weapon performance, attachments for weapons and so much more. Compare your stats against your friends by game or career

Connect to friends

The biggest inovation is the Group function.  This group can be your school, your college, your town or your favorite movie or color.  You can then compete and play with that group.  It’s like a giant filter for the matchmaking system so you no longer have to suffer through the matchmaking that the servers tend to make.  Groups can be organized into buckets, and each Group listing will contain stats like the number of people in the Group, the leaderboards, the collective hours spent in the game, and even a Group-specific comment section.  This doesn’t take the place of Clans you will still have all the clan options, including clan matches.

Compete with everyone

The Compete feature is just what you would expect, you or your clan can compete in pre-arranged tournaments for everything from a “Trophy,” which will be attached to your Elite stats, to a real-life Jeep with much more to come. When Modern Warfare 3 launches, Activision promises everything from Group versus Group competitions, to clan versus clan, “even intra-clan tournaments and competition and leagues.”


So you have narrowed down the competition to your highschool and you are reading your stats, sudenly ranking is actually fun now that you aren’t pitted against the entire COD universe and every camper, stat whore and glitcher out there.  With this new found sense of freedom you can actually improve your game with a series of stats that will at first make your head explode.  Everything you can think of is tracked, not just weapon and KDR or accuracy.


There is no cost assigned to the add on features of Elite.  Which makes no sense not to announce it the same day they announced all this info on Elite.  The idea is that the cost will cover new DLC for those that enroll and you will be using dedicated servers not the self-hosted one we all hate “CONNECTION INTERRUPTED”, ” HOST MIGRATION”.   It will more likely be a fixed monthly cost varying from $5 a month to $10 a month, No doubt announced at E3.  After all of us decide if we are angry or not by this new intel.


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