Friday, June 10, 2011

How Modern Warfare 3 will be different to any other Call of Duty?

On how Modern Warfare 3 will differentiate itself from previous versions of Call of Duty, Bowling said the following:

"From a story stand point, Modern Warfare 3 is a direct sequel - picking up just hours after Modern Warfare 2 ended.
the big difference, from a single player campaign standpoint, in Modern Warfare 3 is the scale of the levels you're fighting in. Like going through the streets of Manhattan both on foot and in-air, or Paris, or London, or parts of Africa. The sizes of the campaign levels are massive, which required a lot of work in terms of advancing the streaming tech to not only get to that level of scale but to maintain the game running above 60 fps at all times.
From a multiplayer stand point its all about polish and balance. Taking all the feedback from Modern Warfare 2, building up from the core design philosophy of Call of Duty 4 (the simplistic beauty of fast paced gun on gun focused gameplay), keeping what we loved, losing stuff we (including you) didn't, and adding in stuff that will change up the way we play."

He later called the Spec Ops mode the single best improvements for Modern Warfare 3 as it adds everything they wanted the co-op mode to be with matchmaking, progressive ranking, killstreaks and unlocks, and wave based modes. The Spec Op modes will also allow for "open (let me decide how to tackle this) gameplay" while the single-player missions focus on cinematic experiences. "Furthermore, you can play every Spec Ops survival mission on ALL multiplayer maps that are completely open," Bowling said.
While Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 was extremely popular, it was also quite buggy and vulnerable to glitches. Infinity Ward is taking the extra time to bake in the ability to frequently and quickly apply hotfixes and playlist updates "to address concerns when possible while a full patch goes through the certification process."
Quick-scoping is a sensitive subject when it comes to Call of Duty as some feel it is a valid gameplay mechanic that takes skill while others feel it is cheap. Let the debate continue though as Bowling said, "Currently, you can still quick scope in Modern Warfare 3. Keep in mind though, multiplayer is always changing at this stage (new perks, new balancing, new everything all the time based on feedback), however our philosophy on that hasn't changed since MW2."
Modern Warfare 3 will do more to reward teamwork in multiplayer as well as Bowling acknowledged that previous games focused on "lone wolves" even in team objective games. Infinity Ward will "reward the defender of a bomb site, the flag runner, and the guy covering the flag runner, more so than the guy just getting kills and never going near the objective points," according to Bowling.
As for a public beta, don't get your hopes up as Bowling indicated that it will likely remain internal with select community members and expert glitchers flown in for feedback.

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